Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Water Main Break on Tilly Mill Road - again.

UDPATE @ 11:15 am

Dunwoody Elementary was evacuated to Dunwoody High.  Kids will be bussed back to DES for dismisssal.

Power died in Dunwoody Village at 11 AM, including traffic lights.  Head chef at First Watch was not happy.  Due to ice on power lines from Ole' Faithful?  Leave a comment.  :-)

Pack your patience this morning for school, preschool, GPC, and work.

Report from Channel 11 w/ video and slideshow

This is the second major water main break on this street in just over a year.  The last one was October 2012 and occurred between Briers North and The Madisons.

DeKalb crews had trouble shutting that one off too.  And after the initial patchwork repairs were done, the metal plates were in the street so long that Harry Pothole shot a feature about them.

Look on the bright side - Dunwoody's going to get its skating rink after all.

Now DeKalb is going to keep wondering why Dunwoody is unhappy with them.

Happy Hump Day!

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