Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dunwoody High School Academy of Finance Puts Lessons into Action

The Dunwoody High Academy of Finance is raising money for its trip to the NYSE.  In addition to raising their own money for their own trip, they are also donating a portion of the proceeds to the Intreped Fallen Heroes Fund.

The Academy will deliver Krispy Kremes TO YOUR DOOR on Saturday the 27th.  To pay on delivery, get your order in TODAY via this form on the AhA! Connection.  You can also link to Academy members' email with questions.

I love this group and more high schools (public and private) need a Finance Academy.  From Dunwoody High's wikipedia page:
The Academy of Finance is a two-year program in which students gain specialized preparation in the field of finance while completing their normal course curriculum. Over the course of the program, students are introduced to four segments of business: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, International Business and Personal Finance. Students practice real world activities while preparing marketing plans for products and competing in financial competitions. Business partners from the community visit the class and work with the students to prepare them for their future. Each year, the academy students visit the New York Mercantile Exchange, the Stock Exchange, and an investment bank to experience how the world’s largest financial center operates.
If we want more business in town, we have to see that the kids in school get a chance to learn first hand what that entails.  These teens are learning by doing - they're going out and earning their own money with their own effort for their own field trip.  I'm putting my money where my mouth is and supporting this effort.
There are other Academy of Finance fundraisers around town supported by other businesses so if you see one, lend them a hand!

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