Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Opportunity Knocking - SOHO Office

There are a lot of good local print-and-mail shops in Dunwoody but one has an edge.
I do all of my "official SDOC business" at the local SOHO Office store in Orchard Park (near that Kroger and right next door to that restauarnt that doesn't seem to last more than a few months at a time.) 

Technically, this isn't "in" Dunwoody but I do my business here because they offer a corporate meeting room with WiFi.  Sure they have mailboxes, notary, printing, and the usual services too.  But if I'm meeting a client for the first time, or making a presentation, and I don't feel like stalking Starbucks for a half-decent table, the meeting room service makes a very professional impression.  The location even matches my mailing address.  Even the chairs are nice and cushy.

Most of all this is a small, local operation created by a couple of guys looking for new careers with hands-on service.  They understand "small office / home office" needs.  (SOHO - get it?)

Lots of opportunity here.  For part-timers, and entrepreneurs, this set of services is a big hand-up for the inevitable meetings and presentations that have to be given "face time".

SOHO Office is also looking to open new franchises.  If you're in the market for a new career or new business, check out the operation at

For the other mail store companies in town:  you might want to put some serious thought into renting meeting space to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in this growing market.

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