Friday, August 12, 2011

More nosy social media - LinkedIn

::: Heavy sigh :::

LinkedIn has volunteered your name and photograph to be used for advertising if it feels like it wants to use them. 
I noticed this earlier in the week when my LinkedIn profile photo ended up on an ad.  I knew the new "opt out" alert would come along right after that.

I can't say this enough:  when you're networking for any reason, including advertising your business or services, you are going to forfeit a certain amount of privacy.  That's the cost of doing business as a small business or entrepreneur.

Each person has to decide what is personal promotion, and what info use has crossed the line.  Be vigilant, pay attention, and when someone is using your info without consent, get on them ASAP.  (I just threw a hissy fit at Google - again - for posting a picture of my house.  Double-plus uncool.)  Be careful when using your cell phone to "check in" anywhere and make sure the apps you are using are not revealing your location without your consent. 

Stranger Danger - it's not just for kids anymore.  But it is more complex for us grown folks!

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