Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Patch: Dunwoody Moms Create Important New Children's Book

Two Dunwoody mothers have turned a difficult subject into what they hope is an accessible and even fun lesson for children.

Tatiana Matthews and Allison Fears have just self-published their first children’s book ‘Fred the Fox Shouts “No!”,’ a book that takes on the issue of sexual abuse.

“A few years ago I realized that there was a huge hole in the publications and curriculum that was offered for kids,” Matthews said. “Everything seemed to be focused on stranger danger and there was very little that was geared toward safety with people we know and trust.”

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Too often we remember the lesson of "be polite", "don't create a scene", etc.  In general that's good advice but when there's danger, you have to make a scene.  It's true for adults as well as children.

Buy the book online here. 

You can also contact the authors who are looking for opportunities to make presentations to local groups

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