Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UPDATE: Brook Run Vandalism - REWARD

Updated 4/17/2012:
Well, someone's going to collect the reward!
From The Dunwoody Crier via Dunwoody PD:

An anonymous tip led the Dunwoody Police to five juveniles that are responsible for the damage to the community garden at Brook Run Park last month.
All have been charged with criminal damage to property 2nd degree, a felony.

“Actions have consequences and as you get older the consequences become more severe. This is a great opportunity for parents to engage their teenager in a conversation about decision making that may help them make better decisions in the future” said Chief Billy Grogan in a statement.
Of the five juveniles, four are Dunwoody residents and one a Roswell resident. They have been released to the custody of their parents.
The garden was vandalized during overnight hours of March 30-31. A $1,500 reward was offered for information regarding the damage.
Contact Det. J. Maldonado at 678-382-6925 if you have any further information about this crime.

If, after their due process, these kids are found guilty of the crime (vandalism on this scale = felony = crime.  It's not "just mischief".)  I still say that a big part of their penalty is sweat equity reimbursing the garden staff for the damage, including Home Depot and Costco for their contributions.  If found guilty they should also be required to work in the garden, because clearly they don't know how much work it takes to raise vegetables.  That's something they should learn.  They should also take a course at the Nature Center about indigenous wildlife, to appreciate what they destroyed.

They should NOT have the option of their parents bailing them out or otherwise excusing them from the work it will take to pay back what they've done.

That is all.

From Dunwoody PD via Facebook:

DPD is investigating an incident of vandalism at Brookrun's Community Garden. Last night "hoodlums" pulled down the fencing, overturned planting beds, and trampled hundreds of dollars worth of flowers and vegetables. The suspects went as far as destroying bird houses and killing the bluebird eggs inside. Anyone with information please call DPD 678-382-6919.

(In short, someone destroyed hundreds of hours of work that our citizens put in.)

The Community Garden has offered a $500 reward for information leading to the capture of those responsible.  You can submit a tip anonymously here:  http://dunwoodyga.gov/Departments/Dunwoody-Police-Department/TIPS.aspx

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