Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Online Real Estate Scheme - WARNING

From WSB Channel 2
Criminals have found a new way to victimize potential renters using legitimate MLS listings.
Crooks have taken photos and listings, posted legitimately on MLS and created fake "for rent" listings.  It started on CraigsList (which most people know is not the most trustworthy of classified ad sites) but has been extended to other known real estate sites like Zwillow.  The fake listing asks renters to send money in exchange for the (non existent) keys to the property for sale.  The renter gets ripped off, and the property seller has all kinds of people creeping around their property, thinking they can rent it.

Realtors out there take note:  have someone in your office do a search on all of your real estate listing addresses and make sure that everything that comes up is a legitimate listing, and not a fake "for rent".

Link to the Channel 2 news story.

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