Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Additions to Our Family!

Mr. & Mrs. Brown Thrasher of Briers North announce the recent hatching of four two chicks in their lovely, spacious nest inside the Duncans' backyard rose bush.  Mrs. Brown Thrasher would like to state that she will give the stink eye to anyone visiting while she is warming the babies.

Mom & Dad are gathering food.

If you look really closely and at the right angle, you can see one of the parents in their nest  

What?  What did you think a "new addition" meant??

*No one touched or disturbed the chicks.  The first picture was pure luck when I held my camera phone over the rose bush and hoped for the best.  The one below was trying to get a shot of the adult on the nest from the side.  Mom is back on the nest (with stink eye) and a handful of birdseed was tossed in the area so there's no danger of the adults leaving.

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SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

This afternoon two tiny brown thrashers appeared pecking around their home bush. In just a couple of weeks they went from blind grey fuzzballs to miniature clones of their parents. They've already learned to fly short distances. I'll post pics if it looks like they came out.