Monday, July 9, 2012

INTRODUCING - Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce Version 4.0

This is the fourth incarnation of the Dunwoody Chamber website, and the third since the site was recreated in Drupal.  Mr. Boyken and I had a little sit-down in his office soon after he was elected as Chairman of the Board and we had an in-depth conversation about how he wanted the Chamber presented to the public.  Sleek, upscale, and simple.  The above design is the result.

We moved some information around and reorganized some categories so don't be shy about using the "Search" function in the red menu bar.  

The most obvious upgrade is the "infographic" scrolling images on the front page.  Don't be fooled by how simple these "slideshows" appear.  There is a lot of complex programming behind the scenes that makes it work.  Kind of like the gears on a classic Swiss watch.  The greatest challenge was making it simple for the office staff to change these images in and out as necessary.  Check back once in a while and you'll see some new surprises!

This week we're going to go through the post-launch punch list and continue the updates.  This includes planning for an all-new mobile version and possibly a smartphone app.  The first time the site went live I discovered some technical issues undocumented features that need to be accommodated.

It's important for every major organization to have a web presence that is unique to them.  All of my themes, including those for content management systems, no matter how complex, are custom made from scratch.  I would hate to be the guy who had a website launch, then the public notices that the "custom design" is actually JSN Epic for Joomla (free version) with all of the default color and appearance settings unchanged.  Talk about a rip off!  (Hypothetically of course....)

Please enjoy using the new interface with all of the functionality you have come to expect from the Dunwoody Chamber site.  The "Contact" link is the best place to ask a question or report a bug.

Off to First Monday Networking!

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