Monday, July 30, 2012

Small Business Owners Wanted for Interviews

From Independent We Stand:
There must be some Dunwoody business owner out there who has a unique perspective on this question.

A reporter from a major news publication has approached Independent We Stand looking for business owners to interview for an article about the fines that small businesses often have to pay when they break city or state rules. Interested business owners should be able to speak to some or all of the following:

Is it tough for small business owners to keep up with the different rules they need to follow?

Are some unnecessary or over-the-top?

Are the fines for outrageous amounts, or amounts that are just too high for the average small shop?

On the flip side, are there any positives to city/state rules for running a business, like perhaps they prevent competitors from getting an unfair advantage?

Do you feel like you can speak to these questions? If so, just reply to this email or email us at But hurry as the reporter needs business owners to interview by today. This is one of the biggest business publications in the world and well worth your time if your are included in the final article.

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Unknown said...

Only positive I know of in Georgia is that you can establish a "Close Corporation". It is for family businesses but relieves you from the need for corporate filing overhead.

Business license is a joke. A bad one that has gotten worse since CoD, but that may have been a change that was coming to the county as well.

Home based business regs are silly. Any that are unenforceable should be dropped.

DoL quarterly report (state unemployment) is really bad for owner-operated business. First, you can never collect on this tax (just seems wrong, but sure it is fair and proper). Since we do annual payroll (don't ask) the only "pay" the employees of our close corp receive are insurance premiums. Wrote a nine cent check to the fools just a few weeks ago.

Oh, and "convenience fees" if I try to pay online via credit card for the nine cent silliness.

New State epay program/website is convoluted. However, if you don't use it you're subject to "Mandatory Penalties".

You should not have to hire a lawyer, a bookkeeper and an accountant to run a small, family owned business in this state. But if you don't want to waste many hours keeping track of this happy horseshit you just about have to.

I could get started on the feds, but truth be told, they have gotten their act together.