Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pushy Real Estate Buyer or Con Artist? You make the call.

A short time ago I blogged about an unsolicited letter in a format that was disturbingly unprofessional and unnerving to my family and neighbors.

Well it turns out that "Bajja" is unhappy with my assessment of his business approach.

I received a phonecall this evening from this person who disapproved the comments, but was unable to post such on the blog directly from his phone.  He believes that in spite of the method of contacting me and the lack of professional information, I should have called him on the phone.

This situation is officially weird and I am creeped out.  I do not know this person, still don't know their last name or their business name, and as I said in the previous post, the offer is respectfully declined.

Bajja, if you are reading this, your contact is unwelcome.  Dunwoody Police have been notified.  Any further contact from you by any method or medium will be considered harrassment and legally addressed as such.  Stay away from this property and the people in it.

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