Sunday, July 8, 2012

Last Chance to Check Your Computer for the Doomsday Virus

This is not a hoax.  There is a real virus threat out there this time.  A check that will last less than a minute will provide priceless peace of mind.

The Background:

Several years ago, an internet crime ring based in Estonia released a virus that would redirect an internet user from legitimate sites to fraudulent ones.  The gang stole millions of dollars from victims around the world and eventually got nabbed by the FBI late last year.

But the malware is still out there and your machine could still be affected.  If it is, you will not be able to access the internet.

What You Should Do:

There's a quick and easy check to see if your computer has been infected.
Visit this site, set up by the FBI that will determine if your machine has been compromised by this virus.

If you see a big icon with a green background, you're golden.  Nothing to worry about.

If the icon has a red background, your machine is infected and it's a good thing you got to it now!

You can learn how to fix your machine at this site:  There is a list of links at the bottom of the page to free tools that will clean you up in time for Monday.

More information is available here from the FBI.

Always, always, always keep your antivirus software up to date and do not click on links in emails or on pop-up ads that you do not know.  Do not use your credit card on sites that are not encrypted.  And DEFINITELY do not hand out your bank information or social security number, or other personal data to individuals who call you, no matter what they try to say.  Be careful out there!

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